When you see “RUUUNNN” or “HUUURRRY” on any of our deals it means it could be a really short lived deal and could go away very quickly. Make sure to purchase it as fast as you can so that you don’t miss out on the great deal!

When you see a deal that has “use code ___.” You need to copy that code and paste it where it says “enter code” during checkout on Amazon and then click the “apply” button. The discount will come off in the order summary. Make sure to check for it. You will also see an adjusted price underneath the item you are purchasing.

From time to time you may find a deal similar to this:

Example Add

This is an advertisement and as such, simply an example of the deals we post in our group! We post codes daily that will discount items on Amazon. If you click the link above it will take you to our group where you can see all the deals we post!!

For other questions regarding coupon code, please see our other FAQ reference.

When you see a deal that has lightning deal on the heading, it means it is a very limited deal on Amazon. The price has been dropped for a set amount of time or for a set amount of purchases at that price you will see the details of the lighting deal by the “add to cart” button. When you add the item to your cart, you will be given a certain amount of time (that will be stated) to go ahead and checkout. If the item has been 100% claimed, you can get on the wait-list until the wait-list is full and they will let you know if you are able to purchase the item at the lightning deal price so keep a watch on your notifications!

When you see “clip the coupon” or “clickable coupon” on a deal post, it means that the item has a coupon available to lower the cost. There will be a little box that you click on that will fill in solid color and the discount will be reflected in the cart summary. Look for the little box underneath the price point if the item. It will say how much or the percentage that the clickable coupon is for.

We never know how long deals are going to last or how many items they are allowing to be sold at a certain price point. We don’t know when codes will expire or when clickable coupons will disappear. Our best advise for you is to snag a deal you are looking to get as quickly as possible and to check our website frequently.

When you paste a code during checkout in the box, make sure you have copied it correctly and haven’t added any spaces or extra letters or numbers. If the code is still active, it will apply the discount. If you have pasted it incorrectly it will not apply. If the code has expired, it will not apply either and we are so sorry. Codes can expire at anytime, so please snag the deal quickly.

We put a hashtag on every deal that will collectively put all the deals for the day in one place. The hashtag has the word “sassy” and then either the full months name or an abbreviated version and the the day. For example… #sassyjul20. When you click on that hashtag it will bring up all the deals that have been posted for that day.

When you add an item to your cart and continue to checkout, the discounted percentage or discounted amount will be reflected in your cart summary at checkout it I’ll come off automatically without having to so anything else.