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Searching to find great deals, Serving by giving back, Sharing across social media, and Saving you money one deal at a time.



Hi there!
I’m Sassy. Let me introduce myself. I have 3 kids that keep me busy all day running between activities and school. When I’m not taking care of the kids, or the house, I enjoy an occasional night at the theater, listening to ABBA, volunteering in my community, and I also like to shop. Even better, I like to save money. It’s such a rush when I see my receipt and I’ve saved over 50%, am I right?!

Like many of you, our money just never seems to go as far as we like. So I am always on the look out for the best deals. What makes me even more happy is to share what I find with others. I’ve therefore put together a great team of friends and family to help me find great deals. I have built Sassy Saves to make it easier for me to share these deals with all of you. Sassy Saves is a family owned business, going into our second full year.

Now let me introduce you to my team!


Hi my name is Sandra Walton, but my family and friends call me Sandy.

As the youngest sister in the family, I’ve always been spunky and high spirited. I am mother to some wonderful kids and wife to an amazing husband. I enjoy crafting, playing my cello, and working out. I’m a deal hunting, carpool driving, soccer mom; And when I’m not running kids to practice or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you can find me scouring and hunting down the best deals and bargains and sharing them with you. Be sure to keep your eye out for me on Amazon Lives!

I am currently Chief Financial Officer for Sassy Saves and also cover many of the Human Resource responsibilities.


Hi, Kathy Parsons here. I am so glad you found us.

I’m a stay-at-home mom with kiddos ranging from toddler to married. Family is my everything, together we love making memories and going on adventures. Beyond family, holidays are my passion! If you are like me, chances are you’re through Christmas shopping by June and already planning the fall decor. I absolutely love decking the halls for each holiday.

In this economy, you can guarantee, when I’m not running through the sprinklers with my youngest, I’m checking the clearance section and watching for really great coupons. What’s really great is that Sassy Saves is providing me the means to take care of my family, while being at home with my children.

I run Sassy Saves Marketing and generally working the mystical Facebook algorithm. You might say I’m the Chief Jack of all Trades.

Hello, I am Beverlee Whipple …. Aka Grandma, or just call me Bev.

Yep, I’m the Mom and Grandma of this bunch. I’ve raised my kids all to adulthood and now enjoying the chance to watch my grandkids grow. Joining alongside my kids in this effort, I am so proud of what we have created here.
I’m also grateful to be part of this amazing effort to bring you all lower prices. As a retiree, living on Social Security, and married to a cancer survivor, I can appreciate the necessity of saving money. Being able to bring in a side income is important, and Sassy Saves provides me both opportunities; that of stability and staying close to my geographically distant kids as they raise their own families.

If you are interested in working with our company on collaborations reach out to me, I am Chief of Public Relations.

Welcome, I am Sherri Dutton, Shi-Shi to my many nieces and nephews.

I am a mom of some rowdy, adventurous and enthusiastic boys. When my kids aren’t in school you will often find us playing at parks, having game nights, or attending basketball practice.

I am a teacher by trade, education and inspiring children are huge priorities for me. However, recently I’ve set that aside for a season, to come join my family with Sassy Saves. I love that I can bring my passion for great deals, and combine it with my love of teaching, by sharing deals geared towards the classroom.

I am the Chief User Experience Officer here at Sassy Saves. My job is to make this your best shopping experience.


Lastly there’s me, Travis Whipple,

I’m the big brother, but most importantly a husband and father. During my lengthy career I’ve had the opportunity to proudly serve in the U.S. Army and later work as both a systems and software engineer. Most recently I transitioned into coaching LEAN-AGILE best business practices. (Not sure what that is? It’s ok! It’s my job to teach you.)

When employment complications arose during the events of 2021-22 my sisters invited me to join their efforts here at Sassy Saves. My goal is to bring my 20+ years of experience to help them make Sassy Saves the most successful company we can. So that we can provide our families and yours the best deals found online for many years to come.

I serve as Chief Operations Officer and General IT guy.